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How to save time on your SOAP notes

ยท 2 min read

There are many tips and tricks we could show you to help you write your SOAP notes quicker than ever - you could use a template, or even dictate into SOAP fields instead of typing. These are great options to reduce the time you spend writing SOAP notes.

But what if you didn't have to write them at all? What if you could just press a button and have your SOAP note done without you even having to think about it, like magic?

Scribenote's Appointments feature is just that - all you have to do is record your full appointment, and you'll get a SOAP note back ASAP, with no need to type!

Let's see how it works, shall we?

No more struggling to remember what you said during the appointment, or what the pet parent said they were feeding ol' Scrappy... potato peels? No, that can't be it... ๐Ÿคจ

No more staying late at the clinic clicking around a clunky interface. No more jotting down quick notes and measurements on a pad of paper and not being able to actually read them when it comes time to write your SOAP notes... does that say 30 mg or 50 mg? ๐Ÿค”

Imagine having your SOAP notes done for you right as you leave your appointment exam room, and not needing to spend an hour or two at the end of the day typing and typing and typing.

Folks who have tried Appointments say things like:

  • "They actually blow my mind at how good they are - they are better than I would write myself!"
  • "FYI the first appt of my day was a screaming 4 year old child, his mom and the cat. The SOAP is perfect."
  • "This new upgrade is sweet! Overall great impression from it today."
  • "It's so wonderful!!"
  • "It worked flawlessly and it was amazing!!"
  • "So far very accurate, gets spelling names wrong (expected) but so far very impressive."
  • "So super cool!ย  Had almost everything right."
  • "Many of the ones I did today had everything lined out with maybe a minor correction."

TL;DR - How to save time on your SOAP notes? Don't write them, use Scribenote Appointments.

Scribenote Appointments will be available soon. Stay tuned!