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Auto-SOAP beta period ending Jan 01, 2023

· 2 min read

We hope you've been enjoying the new time-saving Auto-SOAP feature we recently released! If you haven't tried them yet, we highly suggest you try them out while they're still free to use unlimited-ly (is that a word?) until Jan 01, 2023. After then, we'll be introducing the 1-per-day Auto-SOAP cap for all Free and Basic plan users.

How will this work? If you have the Auto-SOAP setting enabled, your first recording for that day will be an Auto-SOAP. All subsequent recordings for that day will be regular audio recordings that will not be automatically turned into a SOAP note. The 1 free daily Auto-SOAP will refresh 24 hours after the last one you make.

Your limit will show in the upper right corner of your screen:

If you'd like to keep using Auto-SOAPs in an unlimited capacity, you can upgrade to our new Pro plan. If you are already on a yearly plan, don't forget to reach out to our support team before you do so we can give you a pro-rated upgrade price.

If you're on a Scribenote Auto plan, you won't need to make any changes. You'll be able to use unlimited Auto-SOAPs free of charge.

We want to thank everyone that tried out Auto-SOAPs! We wish we could keep unlimited Auto-SOAPs included in our lower tiered plans, but unfortunately, it would be unsustainable for our small company. They require expensive computers to enable the cutting-edge AI technology that takes an ordinary recording and turns it into a complete SOAP note in less than 3 minutes.

New: Minor SOAP note layout changes

Just a heads up, we've changed the layout at the top of the SOAP note form on the web application to make it a bit neater.

Old layout (above) and new layout (below):

We also made it easier to edit the date/time a note was created, and renamed the "autocomplete" feature to "autosuggest" as we received some feedback that it was a bit confusing.

As always, thank you for using Scribenote and have a wonderful holiday season! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, we'll be happy to help out!

Many thanks for your support, The Scribenote Team