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What's New for Scribenote - September 2022

· 4 min read

Hey everyone!

This is the first installment in a series of posts where we'll announce new Scribenote features each month. As a new startup, we’re always hard at work making Scribenote better. Many of the changes below are the direct result of conversations we’ve had with our customers.

Without further ado, here's the list for September 2022!

Website and app:

  • New feature - 📝 Note titles (previously note-to-self): We’ve expanded the “note-to-self” field previously used for quicknotes and turned it into the more general “Note title”, which is now available on all types of Scribenote SOAP notes. Note titles make it easy to identify which note corresponds to an appointment. For example, you could quickly glance through patient notes and get more context on that patient from titles like "Checkup", "Vaccines", and "Dermatitis". Note titles are an optional field in SOAP forms, but can be added to new and previously saved notes. They can be as short and sweet or long and descriptive as you wish! By the way, note titles are not shared with recipients of export emails.
  • Improvement - 🏷 Note labels: You can now see the status of a particular note at-a-glance to see if it’s a new recording, draft, completed note, etc. These labels show in the inbox, during note edits, and in patient notebooks or the quicknotes page. They are not shared with recipients of export emails.
  • Improvement - 💾 Drafts: Drafts and new recordings now also show in patient notebooks and on the quicknotes page. No more looking for lost drafts in your inbox (they'll still be there though)!

Website only:

  • New feature - 📥 Basic inbox: This is a new page where you can quickly see and manage your drafts and newly completed notes ready for export.
  • New feature - 📧 Embedded Auto export emails: Before, automatically exported emails set up through Scribenote could only receive an access link. Now, you can choose to embed the contents of a finished SOAP into an email that automatically sends when you complete a note.
  • New feature - 📔 Export a patient notebook to one PDF: Previously, a patient notebook could be exported into a ZIP collection of all the records for a particular patient. Now, you can export an entire patient notebook by clicking the "Export Notebook" button at the top right corner of the patient's notebook. This rolls up all completed SOAPs for a patient into a single PDF. This PDF can optionally include key patient information if you choose - just check your account settings.
  • New feature - 💾 Autosaving: This has been highly requested, and we're just sorry we couldn't get to it sooner! But alas, autosaving for SOAP notes is finally here! It works much like you'd expect, similar to other apps like Google Docs. All you need to do is type your note as usual. Your note will autosave as a draft quietly in the background. No matter what - bad internet, a computer crash, alien invasion, etc - you won't ever have to worry about losing your work while writing a draft.

autosave indicator

  • New feature - 🚚 Move and Copy Notes: This feature will surely make your note management a breeze! Now, you can simply multi-select quicknotes or patient notes using the ⚡️Quick Actions selectors to move or copy them to another patient! Super handy for repeat or multi-patient appointments!

quick actions preview

App only:

  • Improvement - 🔄 Audio synchronization workflow: Audio recordings that don't save due to network connectivity issues are now easier to keep track of and sync.
  • New feature - ✍️ Edit completed notes: Previously, only new notes and drafts could be edited on the Scribenote mobile app. Patient notebooks and quicknotes now have a link to edit previously completed notes.

These updates are now available on our web and mobile apps (v1.0.9 available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). In addition to all of this, we’ve made many bug fixes, and improvements over the past few weeks. We’re always working to improve, so if you see more opportunities for us to grow, please feel free to share.